Our Talented Team

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Our Talented Team

Our team has past experience with conventional architectural design project roles in addition to our experience with / specialization in exterior envelope consulting.

Our experienced staff are professional architects and engineers who specialize in waterproofing details, observation, investigation, and construction claims support.

Our team has a strong focus on eco-conscious, sustainable designs, and we have LEED accredited professionals who are happy to assist with and provide innovative and sustainable solutions on a project by project basis.

Name Direct Phone Position Email
Aaron Lemchen, AIA (206) 905-6305 Vice President alemchen@cross2dg.com
Alex Zwingenberger (206) 905-6306 Drafter alexz@cross2dg.com
Brad Minogue, AIA, LEED™ AP (206) 905-6311 President bminogue@cross2dg.com
Brian Powell,  CEI, RRO (206) 905-6307 Senior Associate bpowell@cross2dg.com
Brittany Jamison,  CPB, CDFA (206) 905-6302 Vice President bcharlick@cross2dg.com
Lothain Sadao (916) 514-5708 Site Observer lsadao@cross2dg.com
Rick Blumenthal (206) 905-6312  Project Manager rblumenthal@cross2dg.com
Ryan Robinson (206) 905-6308 Associate  rrobinson@cross2dg.com